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Billabong Odyssey

(arenaplex) Release Date: Director: Philip Boston Cast: , , , , Plot: This surfing documentary follows a group of the world\'s best big wave \"tow surfers\" as they travel around the world searching for the elusive 100-foot-wave, the tallest the oceans have to offer. At stake is a prize for the surfer who rides the tallest wave each year, with an extra $500,000 grand prize thrown in if that wave is actually over 100 feet. The team used advanced satellite and meteorological equipment to predict tall waves on remote waters as far as three days ahead of time. This project got its start with the Project Neptune expedition in January, 2001 to the Cortes Bank off the coast of San Diego, at which surfer Mike Parsons successfully rode a 66-foot monster wave. Having conquered 66 feet, these tow surfers became convinced that 100-foot waves are out there, and they can be surfed. This film shows what they found in their first year of trying Website: www.billabongodyssey.com/\" target="_new">link
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