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Cherry Blossoms (Kirschblüten - Hanami)

(strand releasing) Release Date: Director: Doris Dorrie Writer: Doris Dorrie Cast: , , , Plot: The story of Trudi and Rudi, a long-married couple who travel to the German countryside to visit their children only to realize that they’re emotionally distant and unavailable. When Trudi unexpectedly dies, a grief-stricken Rudi vows to honor her unfulfilled desires by embarking on a life-changing journey to Japan, a place Trudi always wanted to visit. A trip to Tokyo in the midst of the cherry blossom festival sparks an unlikely friendship with a young woman who helps connect Rudi with his wife’s lifelong love for the dance. Genre: Drama, Romance IMDb: tt0910559 Website: www.strandreleasing.com/films/film_details.asp?businessunitid={7533cda9-e7c5-4586-aaa5-14abf2e3f6b2}&projectid={f3d0b9cf-8d63-4660-b24f-9940bcb83bda}

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