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Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen

(touchstone) Release Date: Director: Sara Sugarman Cast: , , , , Plot: When a New York City teenager from Greenwich Village, Lola, is forced to move to the New Jersery suburb of Dellwood, she finds that in her new school, there is another girl, Carla Santini, who already has claim to the title of most popular girl that Lola had at her old school. Aiming to oust Carla from her reign, Lola sets her sights on nabbing the lead role in the next big school play, which Carla also hopes to star in. As the two girls engage in a war for popularity, Carla lashes back at Lola by obtaining tickets to the sold-out \"farewell concert\" of Lola\'s favorite band. Can Lola somehow sneak into the concert and quell Carla\'s latest scheme, and at the same time meet the band\'s English lead singer, Stu Wolff, whom she has such a crush on?

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