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Dorian Blues

(tla releasing) Release Date: Director: Tennyson Bardwell Cast: , , , , , , , , , Plot: Bright, charming - and closeted - Dorian finds himself at a crossroads. Harassed as a probable \"fag\" at high school and overlooked by his family (especially his overbearing, right-wing father), Dorian is ready for his getaway to New York City and college. But something uncontrollable stirs in him, and suddenly he\'s talking back to his father, making out with another guy for the first time, and admitting his gay feelings to his sports-star brother. Ricocheted this way and that by his inner voice, Dorian finds himself in one absurd and awkward situation after another, as he seeks enlightenment and happiness with the help of a cute therapist, a well-meaning priest, and a first boyfriend. Website: www.dorianblues.com/\" target="_new">link
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