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I Heart Huckabees

(fox searchlight) Release Date: Director: David O. Russell Cast: , , , , , Plot: This ensemble comedy is about a married couple, the Jaffes, who work as detectives, helping people solve existential crises in their lives. Their first client in this movie is Albert Markovski, who is experiencing angst because of his position at Huckabee's, a popular chain of retail stores. Investigating his workplace, the Jaffes take on one of Albert's coworkers, Brad Stand as a client as well, which leads them to investigate his girlfriend, Dawn Campbell, who is the spokesmodel in the Huckabee's TV commercials. Meanwhile, Albert teams up with an existential firefighter and a French radical out of frustration with the idea that the Jaffes are helping the very man who seems to be part of Albert's existential crisis. Website: link
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