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Richard Garriott: Man on a Mission

(First Run Features) Release Date: Director: Mike Woolf Cast: , , , , , , Plot: A behind-the-scenes journey with the video game legend, Richard Garriott, in his quest to become the first second-generation astronaut, from making his fortune to spending it ($30 million!) to reach the International Space Station via Russian rocket. From secret training in Moscow, to a rumbling launch from Kazakhstan, to 12 glorious days onboard the ISS, the adventure is captivating. And for the first time ever, a camera is rolling in the capsule during the fiery return to earth. Owen Garriott, his astronaut father, is there to greet him, welcoming us all to the next generation of human space travel. Genre: Documentary IMDb: Website: link
TrailerJanuary 16, 2012

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