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Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance

(tartan films) Release Date: Director: Chan-wook Park Cast: , , , , , , Plot: As the film opens, a radio announcer reads a foreboding message sent in by the deaf mute Ryu, an intense young man who has a dead end job in a smelting factory. Ryu idolizes his sister who is in urgent need of a kidney transplant. When he is fired from his job and is tricked out of his savings by organ traffickers, his trashy loud-mouthed girlfriend Yeong-mi suggests kidnapping his boss\'s daughter Yu-sun for ransom to pay for his sister\'s transplant. What starts as a desperate attempt to help his sister leads to a high stakes game of revenge between Ryu and his former boss Park Dong-jin that soon escalates into a modern day Greek tragedy. Website: www.tartanfilmsusa.com/pg_films_detail.asp?txtquicksearch_filmtitle=%7be0156a01-d325-4f01-add9-30489fad9e42%7d\" target="_new">link
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