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Touching The Void

(ifc films) Release Date: Director: Kevin Macdonald Cast: , , , , Plot: In June, 1985, British mountain climbers Joe Simpson and Simon Yates became the first people ever to make their way up to the top of the 21,000 foot Siula Grande peak in the Peruvian Andes via the mountain's nearly 90 degree west face. An accident during their descent, however, left Simpson with three breaks in his right leg. An attempt to lower Simpson down the nearly 90 degree face of the mountain went awry, and Yates was forced to make a tough decision to cut Simpson's line in order to prevent them from both falling to their dooms. Miraculously, however, this additional fall did not kill Simpson, and he continued to crawl his way down the mountain, making his way to the base camp just a few hours before Yates was planning on leaving, presuming Simpson to be dead. This documentary combines interviews with Simpson with reenactment footage to depict the miraculous survival story of how the mountaineer painfully crawled his way down the side of a mountain. Website: ifcfilms.com/?cat0=3127&cat1=4309&shid=19906&aid=5367&clr=red&bclr=cc0000

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