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Unforgiven (2013)

(unknown) Release Date: Director: Sang-il Lee Writer: Lee Sang-il Cast: , , , , Plot: Jubei Kamata is a widowed father and infamous former swordsman who spends his days tending a struggling farm. His commitment to pastoral tranquility is tested when Kingo Baba, an old comrade in arms, brings news of a bounty substantial enough to secure his children\'s future: the prostitutes of a neighbouring village have pledged 1,000 yen for the lives of the bandits who mutilated one of their own. Rustily and somewhat reluctantly, Jubei joins Kingo in the saddle, along with a brash young braggart named Goro. Together, they fancy themselves more than a match for the wanted men. But they are also destined to encounter a far more formidable faction, led by a sadistic lawman with a distaste for soldiers of fortune. Genre: Action, Crime, Drama IMDb: tt2347134 Website: wwws.warnerbros.co.jp/yurusarezaru/index.html
TrailerAugust 26, 2013
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