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Advertise on Movie-List

Advertising on Movie-List is based on the standard CPM (Cost Per Thousand) type.
We use dfp by Google to deliver our ads and offer very excellent rates.

In addition to banner ads (728x90, 300x250, 160x600), we also offer text-link, post-rolls and takeover ads.
All ads can be targetted down to the users city, and to different pages/section of the site.

Contact Bruce Daniels for rates or to discuss your offer.

About Movie-List

Movie-List has been providing users an easy place to find trailers since April 1997. It is the one of the longest-running, and most well-known trailer-exclusive sites on the internet and has been featured in numerous publications including Wired, NY Times (online), and Salon.
Ranging from 1931 to present, Movie-List has over 4000 films listed including many exclusives. We also have an popular forum, with dedicated cinephiles who actively participate by sharing trailers that are no longer (or never were) available on the Internet.

About our users
Country: USA (41%), Canada (8%), UK (6%), India (5%), Australia (3%), Germany (3%)