okay i think its a french movie, i dunno wut language it is.
one of the main guys looks like the white dude from transporter i dont think its him though

so basically theres a guy that wants to get drugs/crime off the streets(not a cop), and a cop. theres hardcore gangs and the cops cant touch em.
so basically the head gang gets a nuke and its about to detonate
the cop(white dude) is sent to disarm it and he partners up with the other guy to **** **** up. o yea and the other dudes sister was kidnapped by these guys.

but all this was a setup by the govt or some guys in the govt to have them set the nuke off, n kill everyone in the ghetto there.
basically the de-activation code was an activation code and the timer that was runnin down all the time was fake.

yeah hope thats enough details..
if it helps theres this big *** gangster with K2 shaved in his hair