What to do:
Kill the damn terrorists.

The Good:
Pretty fast, so u can't sleep behind the wheel. Good for aiming practice =) Not a very long game, so starting over dosen't feel so bad. You get extra pay for aiming for the head.

The Bad:
Well the terrorists jump out in random order and volume. So if you are unlucky you will get 5-6 terrorist showing up at the same time, and then you are cooked. The programmer should have added restrictions, atleast to that the 5-6 don't show up exately at the same time, but rather with a slight delay from eachoter, that way you atleast get a fighting change to pick them of in the order they showed up.

Score Count:
Kill Terrorist: Headshot: +400 points
Kill Terrorist: Torso: +75 points
Kill Terrorist: Below Waist +100 points
Shot First-Aid: +250 points
Kill Hostage: -1000 points
Kill Boss: No Clue

Aim for the head. On the first 2 levels you usually got the time to go for the headshot. Its even worth the extra time and catch one in the gut to make sure you get the headshot. The first 2 levels are easy enough to do that and survive on the first-aid kits. On level 3 it gets harder. But as long as they only show up alone or in pair, go for the headshot.

Don't shot the first aid kits unless your down a fifth or so. As you can't get more than 100% health. If you only got a small wound, save the first-aid untill you are worse of.

Don't shoot the hostages, thats a big no-no, their relatives get all upset and mad at you, but more importantly you lose points.

How to beat the boss:
Level 4 is the boss. Its a damn coward of a terrorist who uses a shield and handgrenades.
Beat him by first going for the usuall terrorists. They are the ones who most likely will kill you. The boss don't shoot that often, he likes to throw his handgrenades instead.
If you find that a handgrenad is coming for you. Just shot at it and its toast. No worries there.
When the boss looks out from his shield, just put a bullet in his head. He will survive a couple of them, but he is killable. U see his health on top of the screen.

After the boss:
Well here the programmer got lazy again. The game restarts. With the points you got from the first lap still saved ofcourse. I expected it to get harder, more terrorist, faster terrorist etc. But no. its the same. So once you get past the boss, you got plenty of easy point comming your way, since you get to eat you way though the easier levels again.

Now go beat my highscore, so I get something to aim for again =)