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    Talking That better be the Best Chinese Restaurant in China !!

    First, you take the Cable Car!!

    Then you do some balancing act on the "hiking trail", don't look down!!

    Then you climb a long ladder made of steel chains!!

    Now for a bit more hiking!! Don't be a Wuss, you can't turn back now!!

    This is sturdy ancient Chinese Engineering; what could go wrong? Oh did I mention not to look down?!?

    Only a bit more way to go: watch that last step, it maybe tricky!!

    The difficult part is over, the rest is a breeze!!

    Congratulations!! You made it!!

    I forgot to mention that the way back is harder because it's also the same way here and the "hiking trail" is only wide enough for one...

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    You might as well just stay there because an hour later you are going to be hungry again!*

    * This does not reflect my own opinion of Chinese cooking which is quite favourable. Its just a tired old joke and I'm just a tired old joker !
    "Heart and humour and humility will lighten your heavy load"
    Joni Mitchell

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    There ARE people in the world who do enjoy hiking, as opposed to (quote) 'overweighted fat slobs in the capitalist West with high cholesterol levels sitting on their buttoms in front of their computers doing god-knows-what most of the day while eating supersized hamburgers and French fries'. (end of quote)

    At least be grateful you don't WORK at that place. (Be it a restaurant, a tourist spot, a restroom or whatever.)

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    wow that must be one heck of a thrill ride!! its great to b able to accomplish summat like that and feel like "WOW..i did THAT" Kudos to all the people that do it!

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