Ferris Bueller's Day Off is easily my favorite teen movie of all time. Despite coming out in 1986 and being mercilessly copied by virtually every film in the genre it remains fresh and funny after more than 20 years.


I just love so many things about this film. The plot is simple and well presented. Narrative asides with the audience give this film a great feel of inclusion. Ferris' high school feels like the school everyone went too and his adventures are something everyone wanted to do.

I thought the camera work was superb, especially the still shots throughout the movie. Everything about the presentation made me feel like I was right there which is perhaps the goal of all teen movies. It seems to me that every technique John Hughes had in mind worked out perfectly.

This movie was wonderfully cast. Alan Ruck is one of my favorite actors but everyone in this movie just shines. I never thought Broderick was a good lead because of his looks but this is just the kind of movie he was made for. Much of this movie is great because of its supporting cast. Charlie Sheen and the parking attendant shine in their scenes.

Most importantly this movie has that old style humor that you don't see in movies anymore. It's no coincidence Hughes also directed some of the beloved National Lampoon's movies. This film has virtually no gross out or overtly sexual humor but instead earns its audience through pure, hilarious comedy which is only a testament to great writing.

Bottom line is this movie is a great, all around fun comedy that I'd watch anytime.

What do you guys think?