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    Lake Dead (Alex A. Quinn, Tara Gerard, Dan Woods, Vanessa Viola)

    The Film
    Three beautiful sisters learn of a long-lost grandfather, but only make this discovery upon the news of his grisly death. Enticed to visit grandpa's old home after hearing of an inheritance, the sisters take a trip to the back country with some friends. We quickly follow the group of friends through the gates of a redneck-infested hell. The psychotic family occupying the inherited property goes on a long-awaited and much-enjoyed killing spree. Delightfully over the top, and never at a loss for just the right amount of murder, necrophilia, and incest, LAKE DEAD will make you cringe, but you won't be able to make yourself turn away. As the family's twisted motives unravel, the sisters discover a terror worse than death. It's a nauseating thrill ride, as the sisters desperately fight to free themselves from this living nightmare. With all of its secrets and its sickness, LAKE DEAD will draw you into a world that strains the very fiber of human morality. A depraved little train wreck, you won't be able to look away. LAKE DEAD clearly emulates the style and influence of some of the greatest classic horror films ever made, while exhibiting a disturbing originality that could set the mold for a new style of modern day horror. Some family traditions are born to die...

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    Lake Dead

    Lake Dead

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