In 1938, Hans Zeisig, an apolitical comedian, impersonator and cabaret actor, flees with a Russian passport (instead of an American one which he would have preferred) from Nazi Berlin, and finds himself in the legendary Hotel Lux, the ‘lost paradise’ of the Comintern in Moscow. Everyone believes that Zeisig is a man named Hansen, Hitler’s personal astrologer. But Zeisig quickly realizes that he’s gone from the frying pan into the fire. In the Hotel Lux, he meets up again with his friends Frida and former stage partner Meyer, who are still passionate communists. For the three idealists, an adventure between love and death begins to run its course!

Michael Herbig, Jürgen Vogel, Thekla Reuten, Alexander Senderovich / Director: Leander Haußmann

Release date
Germany: October 27, 2011