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    Angry Facebook Says Employers Canít Ask For Passwords

    Some employers have been asking prospective employees for the Facebook account user name and password so they can go snooping to determine what kind of person the potential employee is.

    If an employer asked me that at the Job Interview and threaten to not give me a job or consider me for the job because I refuse to give them my Facebook log in password, I will be suing them all the way to the US Supreme Court!

    Companies like SEARS are doing that; of course, who wants to work for those effing LOSERS?

    I would tell them I want the Facebook user name and password for every supervisor and manager at that company so I can see what kind of company culture they have and how they treat their employees and what they say about their employees behind their back!!

    An employer cannot even ask you if you are single or married during the interview process due to privacy issue; this falls under privacy issue, they cannot ask you for your Facebook user ID and password and in the Facebook user agreement, it does say you agree not to ever give out your user ID and password!!

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    This is idiotic if true. Why would corporations and agencies think this would be okay to do? This is where 'Jennifer Governments' look dangerous. They want to know everything about a person. Not to mention 'big brother'...(ie what the hell were the NDP thinking?) Sheesh!
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    it's not only true; 2 senators have called for an investigations of these companies and also to see if asking for Facebook ID and PW violates discrimination and fair hiring Federal laws and also the Stored Communications Act and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

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