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    Cool Obiwan Kenobi arrested!

    From Yahoo!

    Obi-Wan Kenobi was always a bit of a rogue Jedi, even lamenting his own former lack of patience during a dramatic exchange with Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back. But a California man who legally changed his name to match that of the fictional Star Wars hero may have given in to the temptations of the dark side of the Force, as he was charged with a hit-and-run.

    According to the Auburn Press Tribune, Obiwan Kenobi was allegedly responsible for a five-car accident and is charged with leaving the scene after the wreck occurred.

    And as Yoda warned the fictional Kenobi, “Told you I did. Reckless is he. Now, matters are worse.”

    In fact, things are far worse for the 37-year-old, who has been charged with a felony in the case by Roseville police. According to the paper, Kenobi was already wanted on an outstanding misdemeanor petty theft charge

    Born Benjamin Cale Feit, Kenobi changed his name to that of the Star Wars character as part of a 1999 radio station contest. At least up until the hit-and-run charge, formally associating himself with “The Phantom Menace” may have been the biggest accident in Kenobi's life. After spending five days in jail, Kenobi was released from custody on Thursday without bail and is scheduled to appear in court on April 30.
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    I guess his mastery of the Force didn't work to make everyone at the accident scene not notice the license plate on his car!


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    wow, what a lowlife to change your name to that of a fictional character ....
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