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    The sun has come an end today; dusk is giving way to the evening. The sight is beautiful on the beach and weather is California classic. The added bonus is the roar of the waves mask any noise you create. The view is unobstructed - empty miles to your right and left. For this moment, you're safe and have this time to reminisce and collect your thoughts as you sit with infinity before you.

    As the light fades away, you start to notice a dark shape bobbing in the surf. Not quite heading towards you as it is trying to stumble onto land. You stare at the sight for a minute or two then become aware that it has turned it head to your direction. It has seen you. Time to leave once more.

    Never enough time for yourself - even at the end of the world.

    This entry turned so different than when I started. My intent was to do a write-up on a DVD entry on the '68 film that was mentioned briefly in PART III: ANTIPATHY - B. I bought it (new) off Ebay for the Retrospective, then started my research for it. And that set off a series of finds - got more and more deeper this rabbit hole.

    Thought I reached bottom, nope. Discovered the hole went down a bit more. So next month I'll cover that other find and the following month the other (a parallel release, a documentary). In October you'll get that July post. No big loss, it was a warning over a public domain copy from 2005; washed out and too dark. Did some early image work and a comparison on an exact frame.

    So what is this month?

    The new remastered Blu-Ray release of the 1990 remake with the correct image/color. I do not own this, but feel confidant that my data is sound. I'm quite anal. Okay, lets dig in...

    Released on April 6th, 2016 from Umbrella Entertainment in Australia for $24.99. It's SKU is 936252. Catalog number is DAVID3460. The region B/4 (1080p) came in a common BD case. It came with a reversible wraparound, seen above right. While it is region B, it is in fact not locked, making this effectively region 0 disc. So "A" players can play it.

    As far as my research has found, there was no booklet/insert included nor slipcase issued.

    The motion picture is eighty-eight minutes long.

    - - -


    * Newly remastered print
    * Commentary: director Tom Savini
    * "The Dead Walk: Remaking A Classic" making-of featurette (full screen, 24:52 minutes)
    * Interview with Savini (widescreen, 28 minutes approximately)
    * Interview with actress Patricia Tallman (widescreen, 16:30 minutes approximately)
    * Interview with special effects men John Vulich & Everrett Burrell (widescreen, 21 minutes approximately)
    * Behind-the-scenes video tape footage (full screen, 8 minutes approximately)
    * Theatrical Trailer (in HD, widescreen)

    - - -


    * 5.1 DTS-HD MA

    - - -


    There are subtitles in English.

    The BD is not dubbed in any language(s).

    It is presented in anamorphic widescreen.

    This BD does not carry over Paul McCollough's isolated score from the Twilight Time release. And should be noted that the new extras (minus the making of featurette) were mastered in PAL, not NTSC. So this may be a problem us Yanks to view.

    Should also be noted, the sound mix here is different from TT, not that 5.1 audio. The remastered was done by Sony. This is also NOT the HD copy that was on Vudu streaming service (which is cropped).

    The movie is framed at 1.77:1, if curious.

    When was the new transfer made? Don't know, just that it's a massive improvement over the last.

    At first, thought these were the fabled extras Sony made for their aborted 20th Anniversary special edition (from 2010). Nope. These were recorded in 2016 by Michael "Slipcase" Felsher for Red Shirt Pictures; his company produces DVD/BD special content.

    Still leaves me wondering how much - if anything was done extra wise for that '10 non-release.

    Should you care, that notice "rating" on the case is a sticker, not printed on the wraparound. Can be removed or simply moved into another case, your prerogative.

    By the way, the extra features - run times comes from a YouTuber, Pizowell - his video "NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1990) - Movie-Blu-ray Review (Umbrella Entertainment)".

    The alternate cover is artwork by Simon Sherry. He's a polarizing, some are not fans of his art. I am in that camp - this should've been much better.

    This came in three editions, the first version just mentioned.

    The Blu-Ray was also released as an exclusive, limited edition two disc set from the Australian electronics store chain, JP Hi-Fi.

    Sold for $39.99. SKU is 889426. Catalog number is DAVID3487. The second disc (NOTLD '68) is region free (1080p). The set came in a common two disc BD case.

    They took the 1990 movie and paired it with the 1968 film; limited to 2,300 copies and quickly sold out. And like the regular edition comes with reversible wraparound (as seen above). The front (alternate) features the same art as the regular edition. The back as the '68 artwork.

    The '90 movie is the same as the regular Blu-Ray release.

    The 1968 movie is a previous Umbrella Entertainment BD release (from September 8th, 2010; sold for $39.95; no slipcover nor insert) - didn't know about it until researching this entry.

    - - -


    * "Reflections On The Living Dead" making-of documentary (remastered with new interviews; full screen 80:00 minutes)
    * TV spot (full screen, not HD)
    * Theatrical Trailer (full screen, not HD)
    * Home Video Ads: Umbrella Entertainment trailers for their releases of "The Dawn of the Dead" (full screen, 1978) and "Day Of The Dead" (non-anamorphic, 1986).

    - - -


    * 2.0 DTS-HD MA

    - - -

    The motion picture is ninety-six minutes long and in full screen (1080p).

    The 1968 movie has no subtitles. The picture has been cropped, slightly.

    The BD is not dubbed in any language(s).

    The same remastered transfer used for the 2008, 40th Anniversary Edition (written about in PART I: THE 1968 CLASSIC - C).

    As with the 1990 extras, some bonus features here were also mastered in PAL; I suspect these are the ads and documentary.

    BUT - this Blu-Ray features an alternate music by Scott Vladimir Licina who wrote a new score for the movie; used in "Night Of The Living Dead: 30th Anniversary" (1999) as written about in PART III: ANTIPATHY - A.

    Man, this is an odd extra; "Reflections On The Living Dead" was originally released in 1993 on VHS as "Night Of The Living Dead: 25th Anniversary Documentary". It features interviews with George A. Romero, John A. Russo, Russell W. Streiner and Karl Hardman. Along with filmmakers Wes Craven, Sam Raimi, Tobe Hooper and John Landis.

    Written and directed by Thomas Brown.

    Apologize for the poor image; was the best I could find - took far too long to make presentable.

    The original had a run time of 55:42 minutes in hi-fi mono (VHS UPC# 0-82551-3193-2). Released by Simitar Entertainment Inc.; a two cassette box set (catalog number 3159) with an embossed foil slipcase. The first tape is the movie with an introduction by actor John Carradine (that's random). The second tape is the doc.

    It was also released separately too.

    The documentary was remastered in 2005, recut with new interviews with Hardman, Marilyn Eastman and Judith O’Dea. Recut since so many moaned about how dull the original was.

    Made me search, discovered that "Reflections" is available here, but as a MOD, official DVD-R release from Tempe Entertainment. I will be buying this soon enough; future write up.

    - - -

    Anyhow, the 1990 remaster was also released on DVD by them, same day. SKU is 936256. Catalog number is DAVID3461.

    Sold for $14.99, but only came with one extra, Savini commentary. Which sucks for DVD owners, there is no reason why this couldn't be a two disc set. It's a classic horror movie, folks would buy.

    The DVD has no reversible cover.


    Since this came from Sony (new transfer), I can only hope there will be a region 1 DVD release in the near future. NOT like what happened in Australia; a two disc set with extras (the same). I would buy that on street. Have it come out on Blu-Ray too, just have the same bonuses.

    A mad dash. This all came about last Saturday (July 9th) when that other DVD arrived. The above got written up/finished on the 13th. Man, I must be a fan. Come back here on August 18th, 2016 for another 1990 entry, the bootleg kind.
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