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    j7wild Guest

    Exclamation Bear 1. Dumb Human Female 0.

    PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A video of one woman’s encounter with a bear, and her kayak, is going viral.

    Mary Maley posted this video from Alaska.

    “Thank you for leaving my kayak alone,” she tells the bear as it looks at her outside a cabin in Berg Bay.

    “I’m now going to pepper spray you in the face,” Maley says, as she pepper proceeds to pepper spray the bear.

    That was probably the wrong thing to do.

    As you can see, the bear turned his frustrations on Mary’s kayak.

    “Why are you doing that,” Maley yells at the bear, as it claws at her kayak. “You’re breaking it bear, why are you breaking my kayak?”

    That’s when Mary decides to ask the bear why it’s even there in the first place.

    “Gosh darn it, why are you doing that, please stop bear, it’s the end of September, why are you hear bear, you’re supposed to be asleep.”

    After several minutes of Mary pleading with the “bear” the video ends.

    “It’s not even food! It doesn’t taste good,” Maley says.

    We’re going to bet that Mary never makes the following mistakes again.

    —Never thank a bear for not eating your kayak, or the bear will eat your kayak.

    —Never pepper spray the bear when your kayak is so close.

    —Don’t try to reason with a bear. Bears don’t listen to reason.

    Oh My F God. What a whiny F B*****.

    I just wanted the bear to leave the kayak and eat her dumb ass.

    Don't talk to wild animals like they are a 3 years old.

    I love all these idiots that act like the world is ending, yet can't put their damn phones down and stop filming.

    This woman sounds like she wanted her video to go viral the entire time.

    If she has a significant other, I imagine that person is deaf.

    Ever since this video was posted on YouTube and went viral,

    Someone made a song!

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    I'll have to agree with you on this one, actually I kind of wished that it would have been a full size pissed off Grizzly instead of a small mild natured Brown or Black bear.

    I've heard a lot of annoying individuals over the years, but I'll tell you, I would have shot her myself for both mine, and the bear's sake.

    The scary part is that she will probably have children of her own some day.....

    I can't see through walls, but I can kick your ass.

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    j7wild Guest
    That annoying woman said she had to swim back because her kayak was damaged.

    Hello? She had a cell phone! Why didn't she call the park Rangers to come get her?

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