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    Joel Silver clip about Matirx 2 & 3

    January 23, 2003... Entertainment Tonight will have a segment going behind-the-scenes on the Matrix sequels, but web surfers can download a preview of tonight's report. On the show's website is a tease that focuses on the revolutionary special effects you'll see in the third movie, The Matrix Revolutions. "It's not like two movies back-to-back, it's one movie that we're going to cut in half and show in two parts," explains producer Joel Silver. [First appeared on Entertainment Tonight Online.]
    from Corona

    and HERE a link to the clip. Not a direct link im sorry to say, but im to tired to fix that, besides its not really anything to save =)
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    [quote Joel Silver] this is the end of movies as we know it, cause that is a whole new way on looking on entertaiment looking on pictures...[/quote]

    Oh my god i cant wait anylonger to see this movie this will be the most wanted movie this year.

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