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    By Ryan Rotten and The Inspector
    Contributing Sources:

    Proving his own neverending devotion to the Corner, The Inspector unloaded a ****load of horror movie updates throughout his extensive coverage of the Saturn Awards this year (Click here if you haven't read that article, ya bastard!).

    One extremely delectable werewolf-size bit o' news we just had to make it's own story was this update the Inspector received on the upcoming sequel to "Dog Soldiers" from producer David Allen.

    Allen revealed that the sequel, currently in that hellish process we like to call writing, is entitled "Dog Soldiers: Fresh Meat." Goddamn, that title made me chuckle. This is what Allen had to say about the next lycanthropic warfare installment...

    "All I can tell you is that it picks up right at the end of the first film and we will have some Americans in it. And it is still being made as a theatrical film, we did sell the first film around the world theatrically, but of course, America did not think that America wanted to see another British film. We will have a bigger budget and be shooting in Luxembourg again. We hope to get the studios here interested in showing it theatrically. We hope once we do the sequel to go back and do a prequel as well."

    Going the way of the "Ginger Snaps" franchise are they? Hell, I'll buy that for a dollar. This is a tad fanboyish even for me, but Imagine the cross-over potential. Hmmmm...
    This is great news. Dog Soldiers rocked. Where else are you gonna see a soldier try and take on a warewolf unarmed with nothing but the lines. "Caam onnen Ioil ave'ya" for protection. It's just so British.

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    This is great news. I really enjoyed 'Dog Soldires' (thanks to ZUBi who told me about it). One of the best horrors I've seen recently.

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