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    Halloween Stories!!!

    To get into the spirit of Halloween, I wanted to start this thread where we can all share our local "Halloween Stories". Here's mine... When my dad was in high school, he used to take his girlfriends to the Ojai forest and scare the living shee'it out of them with this story.

    The Legend Of Char Man

    An old man lived in a small cabin way up in the hiils behind Ojai. All that he wanted was to be left alone, choosing to live a hermit’s life out in the woods. And for the most part he was left to himself until one day a group of children that were out hiking in the woods came upon his cabin while he was away. The kids were mischievious and started thrashing about inside the cabin. The old man returned to find the children still there making a mess of his humble home. The man became very angry and enraged, yelling at the kids to “get out”, but the kids began to tease him, mocking his way of life.

    The old hermit ran the children off and they returned to their camp. This was a nasty group of kids and later as they sat around discussing the incident they all decided that the old man needed to be taught a lesson. They returned to his cabin and set it ablaze. As the fire consumed the cabin the kids heard the old man yelling out for help. Instead of helping the kids just ran away. They promised each other to keep this a secret between themselves.

    Two years later the killing started. Children who were out in the woods began to suffer gruesome deaths. A legend arose describing a horribly disfigured creature “charred from fire” hiding out in the woods attacking and killing children. The authorities investigated the area and all they ever found was a burned out old shack. Some say that the burned up Char Man had gone insane with rage and would take out his revenge on any kids that happened to be up his way. Although Char Man has been reportedly spotted, he has never been found.
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    When I wuz little, I had a weird dream. I dreamt that there wuz this dog on rabies chasing after me. I kept running and he kept gaining on me and gaining on me. Right before I got to my front door, the dog sank his teeth in my neck...

    Then when I woke up, I felt this thing... here feel the back of my neck..... WOOF ARF ARF ARF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (from Ace Ventura)

    i don't really have any stories. nothing in a horror sense really happened to me (knocks on wood).... i wuz almost decapitated once by a garage door! (not kiddin)
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    no Halloween in Europe (where I grew up)

    now I just celebrate by going down to the boiler room for a look at my victims - wood!

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