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    Neon Genesis Evangelion Live Action Film

    Ok now before every one starts fliping out, I'm going to explain what I know first:

    this is not the actual offical poster, this is from what I have been told is just a concept poster that was worked up for whatever reason they need a poster for. ( pitching the film, production meetings ect.) but I just though it was pretty cool either way and decided to post it here.

    Poster can be seen here

    btw.. to see the poster... paste the link in ur address bar.
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    You need to right click/save this one since directly clicking on it takes you to that message.

    ANyway would be interesting to see if this ever made it. I was hoping for AKira even though it would probably be treated with the HOLLYWOOD script.
    Hell even DBZ would do since john weta would have a new movie to use his new technology with those elaborate effects he creates.

    I am sure it will not see the light.

    They need to get special effects wizards out of hollywood and take them over to Japan. Granted though Japan is really starting to improve their effects but Hollywood is already there.

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    I like that concept. WOuld be interesting to see the final. If NGE does good... then we can expect a Akira live action.. and who knows... like the way of the comic wars (studios fighting over rights), perhaps Hollywood will buy all anime rights to make movies. That would be fantastic.

    btw.. to see the poster... paste the link in ur address bar.

    But then again, its fanart
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