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Stream new movie trailers on your blog or website

Add the Movie-List Player to your blog or website and immediately get, new and constantly updated movie trailers for your viewing audience to enjoy. New trailers are added to the rotation daily, and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy.

The default player is 480x270 pixels, can be changed to any size and will fit easily into your layout.
On the right is the default player, exactly how it will appear on your site.

To install, simply copy and paste the lines of code below, where you want the player to show up.

Get Flash to see this player.

Changing the player size, randomizing trailers and starting the player muted.

Paste the code below, and change the width and height (in the 3rd line) to the sizes you desire.
Change random to true or false.

NEW! You can now set the video to start automatically, or wait for the user to start it. As well as starting automatically but muted.
Change autostart to true, false, or muted in the code below.

WordPress users:
NEW (Version 1.2)
Download and install the Movie-List Player Widget
Has the ability to choose player size, and random trailers.
And now... can be set to autostart, or not.

Blogspot / Blogger users:
Use the code below:

Windows Vista users:
(Version 1.0)
Download and install the Movie-List Player Sidebar Gadget
You can watch new and classic trailers right on your desktop.

Facebook users:
Install the Movie-List Player Application