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    points per thread update

    In an effort to get more trailer and movie posts, points in the General Chatter - Non Movie Related section are now worth 5 points per thread and 1 point per reply.

    Also, points per thread view (when people read thread's you've created) are worth 0.10 points.

    Posts in Movie News and Trailer News are still 15 per thread and 5 per reply, and 1 point per thread view.

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    Good, was thinking of suggesting something like that.

    Its too bad that there´s only few people who REALLY keep posting new trailers and stuff. .... this is still movie place, sure.
    I could count on fingers of one hand people who really keep updated the trailer thread (even movie news section ....)
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    OK. But remember st39.6, not everyone have knowledge about places, where you can find new trailers or movie news and post them here. Most of us love trailers (that's why I'm here), but we love watch them, downloaded from e.g. this forum ( for everyone who post the links).

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