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Billy the Kid

(elephant eye films) Release Date: Director: Jennifer Venditti Cast: , , Plot: Growing up in small-town Maine, Billy is, in some ways, much like other teenage boys. He's into heavy metal and horror movies and is desperate to find a girlfriend. But in most other ways Billy is an outsider. His self-confessed "issues" can send him into rages, and he often retreats into the world of his imagination – a world of superheroes, poets and fictional characters. Supported by a mother who encourages his unique intelligence and unflagging sincerity, Billy is a disarmingly candid guide to his own self-discovery. Largely told in Billy's own words and filmed with vérité immediacy, "Billy the Kid" is a richly layered snapshot of adolescence – funny, painful, moving, and constantly revealing. Genre: Documentary IMDb: Website: link
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