According to its Facebook Group description:

Xero Error, The Movie. The first CG Sci-Fi Film from Dubai.
Produced & Directed by Ashraf Ghori.

The story centers on XE7, a cyborg on a spiritual journey who discovers the unknown and begins to open up his mind to the supernatural. He finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time, at a major crime scene, leading him to a Cyber-terrorism scandal and trouble with FACET - The First Authority in Cyber Espionage & Terrorism.

| Project Status |
Beginning Production

| Completed |
Script / Screenplay
XE7 Character Modeling / Texturing
Voice Over Recording & Editing for XE7 & FACET

| Currently in progress |
XE7 Character Rigging for animation
Designing scenes

| Next up |
Environment modeling
Rough Animatics
FACET Character Modeling
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