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TIFF09 – Day 5

Posted on September 19th, 2009

Repost of tweets:

The Joneses

Good morning! 1st film today is The Joneses: A dark comedy about rival neighbors whose quest for the best turns deadly.

The Joneses: Clever premise that I did not know about, I liked it! Duchovny and Demi Moore were good in it. ***1/2

The Last Days of Emma Blanks

Next: The Last Days of Emma Blank: A woman living in a large country home drives her servants to mutiny with her outrageous demands as she waits for death to come for her.

Last Days of Emma Blank was pretty good. Some funny black humour. Films I’d otherwise not have an opportunity to see. ***

The Informant!

Next up was the new Soderbergh film ‘The Informant!’ starring Matt Damon. Very good and really funny! Damon was hilarious in it.****

Unfortunately since it was the 3rd screening of it at #TIFF09 there was no one there for a Q&A, they’ve since gone home.

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