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DVD Review – The Adjustment Bureau

Posted on June 17th, 2011

by Jenny Jones

Politician David Norris (Matt Damon) is on his way to the top, maybe even the White House, and after two chance meetings with the woman of his dreams, an eccentric ballet dancer named Elise (Emily Blunt), David appears to be a man who has it all! Yet something, or more specifically, someone, keeps interfering with David’s perfect happiness. Every time fate brings David and Elise together, this group of mysterious men in suits and dress hats intervenes to keep the couple apart. Who are these strange men and why are they determined to keep these two love birds, who are so obviously meant to be together, apart? The answers to these questions will shock and intrigue you I promise!

Although it has always been my experience that movies are never as good as the books that they are based on, George Nolfi’s rendition of Philip K. Dick’s short story “Adjustment Team” is absolutely phenomenal. Furthermore, the actors chosen to fill this cast of characters was nothing short of extraordinary. Whenever the story seemed to become questionable, weak or silly, the scenes were saved by the charisma and charm of an amazing group of talented actors.

The chemistry between Matt Damon and Emily Blunt was electric. I had a permanent smirk on my face whenever the two met on screen. And they were not the only scene stealers in this film. The performances of the supporting cast, namely Anthony Mackie and John Slattery equally matched those of their big-name counterparts and made every single scene enjoyable to watch.

This fantasy-sci-fi-action-suspense-romance is guaranteed to entertain and leave you with plenty to talk about long after the movie has ended!


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