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The ultimate film memorabilia: a movie-themed garden

Posted on May 22nd, 2018

Here comes the summer and the turnover of blockbuster movies on our screens is so vast that it can be difficult to keep up.

Every year, slateloads of new pictures are releases. As a cinephile, you engage, you enthuse, you laugh, cry, and cover your eyes. But then the film ends, the summer ends, you buy the Blu-Ray, and it sits on your shelf like a sad trophy from a forgotten season.

If only there was a way for your favorite movies to live on

Well, there is: a themed garden. Think about it. You can walk around inside the movie you love. Its a living, growing thing that requires your care and attention. And a garden is never finished you can keep on working on it, improving it, and even holding parties and screenings there.

Admittedly, unless youre a property magnate, you can pretty much only do this with one favorite movie (or series) at a time. But if your first themed garden goes well, whos to stop you expanding your empire with themed window boxes and fish tanks?

Heres some ideas about how your movie-themed garden might look


Blade Runner 2049

Bit handy with the shears? This geometric topiary looks surprisingly well-suited to the aesthetic of the cyberpunk sequel. Okay, the holographic sculpture may be a little futuristic for your local garden center, but they surely stock some oversized stone hands and beardy men. Now, where can I get me a lifelike Ryan Gosling for that sunchair?


Star Wars

Its the gentle end of the Star Wars universe thats expressed through this Naboo-themed garden. That means a stone fireplace and water feature that recall the Lake Country, glowing bubble lamps that look like Gungan underwater homes, and green-domed rocks that emulate the copper roofs of the stately buildings of Theed.

And it all comes with a nice big, Jabba-sized daybed so you can enjoy your handywork while sipping a fresh (not too fresh) glass of thala-siren milk.



Okay, so the chances that anyone reading this considers Avatar to be their favorite movie are pretty remote. Avatar is the film that everyone loves to meh. But if the plot and characters left you wanting, the world-building probably enchanted you as much as it did the other 60 million people who showed up to see it.

Avatar was designed for garden tributes. An internet of trees, lanky blue sex bombs in every clearing, and floating mountains, all inspire this artists rendering of how an Avatar-themed garden might look.


Lord of the Rings

Would you think twice about stepping out into a garden that resembled Rivendell?

Worry not, youre safe here. Those Art Nouveau flourishes and Celtic loops have taken on a somewhat sinister feel since Peter Jacksons epic, but theyre also a very achievable way of giving your garden that Hobbit zing.


Alice In Wonderland

An Alice-themed garden will make you a hit with the kids and test your creative gardening to its limits. While genetically-modified singing flowers might be beyond your range, a bit of imagination and a splash of paint will get you far in your own private Wonderland.

How would you transform your favorite movie into a garden?

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