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10 of Pop Culture’s Most Famous Lottery Winners

Posted on July 18th, 2019

Hollywood is known for its quality films. Most of its movies convey certain emotions to viewers. Some films narrate about individuals who won lotteries in the recent past. Generally, lotteries cause a drastic transformation in the lives of many winners. You can participate in states lotteries to realize your dream. We present to you 10 of pop culture’s most famous lottery winners in movies.

1. It Could Happen to You

Nicolas Cage, a New York policeman likes tipping his favorite waitress, Bridget Fonda. He often doubles his tip when he is financially unstable. Surprisingly, Nicolas wins a lottery and gives Bridget a $2 million tip.

2. Lost

Any Lost fan should understand the importance of figures; 4, 15, 8, 16, 42, and 23. Hurley played these numbers in the ABC series lottery and won a huge amount of money. However, he later lost several subsequent games.

3. Lottery Ticket

In the Lottery Ticket film, it is prudent to avoid playing during holiday weekends. Kevin, a jobless Foot Locker salesperson won $730 but he couldn’t receive his prize money before the July holiday ended.

4. Friends

Many gamblers like pooling lottery tickets with close friends. Unprecedented calamities can prevent you from achieving your target. Phoebe warns Monica that she will throw the bowl of tickets due to her greed.

5. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

The golden tickets in this game are hard to find. It forces people to play the Powerball jackpot. The winners toured the magical factory instead of getting cash prizes.

6. The Hunger Games

Hunger Games is a complicated film for many people.it is normal for people not to want their names being called out as lottery winners. Most lottery firms show their winners to build trust in prospective clients.

7. Welcome to Me

Kristen Wiig acts like a woman with a unique personality disorder. She wins a lottery after a while and stops taking medication. Kristen uses her winnings to buy a talk show.

8. Roseanne

The last season was Roseanne was exceptional. The Conner family won the lottery in season 9. They earned more than $100 million in the Illinois state lottery.

9. Windfall

Windfall was a short NBC show that comprised of close friends who lived in a small town. They won $400 million as a group. However, the film didn’t disclose how they spent their prize money.

10. Waking Ned Devine

The indie comedy has a lottery potline. An old man wins a lottery at the beginning of the film and he dies suddenly. His neighbors impersonate him in an attempt to claim the prize money.

Most lottery winners prefer hiding their identity for personal reasons. Nevertheless, some of them like sharing the news with family and friends. At times, you might win a particular lottery more than once. We have highlights several people who won lotteries in movies. Some are real-life winners while others are fictional characters.

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