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Best Horror Movies to Watch on Netflix Right Now!

Posted on September 13th, 2019

If you having been making your way to movie houses to watch a horror movie and departing unsatisfied. Here is the best alternative for you. Netflix is actually the best place for you. The platform will offer you some recent and interesting movies that will keep you at the edge of your seat. 

We have managed to pick some thrilling movies from blood-curdling flicks, nightmare fests, schlocky tales, and many others. Netflix offer horror for fans of different kinds and the movies are available at their best whether it Halloween or not. All need to do after playing australian casinos online games is to grab a seat and enjoy the terrific but interesting drive. 

American Psycho 

Before he played Batman, Christian Bale played one of the scariest villains in movie history. And surely he will be remembered for that. However, the latter has done it again in American Psycho showcasing some creep factor to the role of Patrick Bateman this is one of the best troubling psychological horror movies that you need to watch available on Netflix the best online film hub. 

Panic Room 

Most horror movies we have witnessed managed to sail through the huddle of making to make the most of a simple premise and the confined surroundings. That is the same story with Panic room. The whole action from this movie unfolds from a single room. This is a tightly paced thriller movie that many have compared to as the work of Alfred Hitchcock. You can watch this movie any time of the day because it does not come with some disturbing scenes that may affect your sleep at night. However, if you are done with the horror movie collection from Netflix, you can also consider betting in New Zealand games that come with some thrilling Halloween theme. You can play Witch’s Brew online slots and win real money in real-time today!

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