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Retro horror fun with The Conjuring 2

Posted on June 21st, 2016

In the past few years movie fans have been treated to some impressive horror movies that sought to stretch the boundaries of this famously cliche-heavy genre. It Follows used a simple premise to deliver some wonderfully-realised chills, whereas The Babadook became a surprise breakout hit thanks to the endlessly spooky concept of a child seeing things from the other realm.

However, as has been witnessed through the Paranormal Activity series, sometimes horror works best when it throws out all hope of cinematic innovation and instead focuses on the more visceral thrills of making you jump out of your seat!




And thats certainly the central point behind The Conjuring 2 that looks to add a touch of horror to many peoples summer viewing thanks to some retro horror charms. Interestingly the movie is set in 1970s London and whilst the 1970s was something of a golden age for many horror titles, the British capital is not exactly renowned for its horror heritage.

However, this movie manages to successfully update the story of the paranormal investigators of the first Conjuring movie by once again focusing upon another spooky real-life story. Whilst the first movie in the series focused on a haunting in Harrisville, Rhode Island, the update comes to Enfield in North London where a single mother comes to realise that her house may be haunted.

Whilst this may not exactly sound like an original premise, the familiar themes and instantly-identifiable motifs have already made it a success with the critics. Horror themes have been proven to be an easy way to attract a readymade audience with even the gaming world showing itself to be in thrall to some spooky fun with the Blood Suckers slots game at the Mr Smith Casino site giving us some chills with a welcome bonus, whereas the upcoming Resident Evil 7 game will hopefully give an extra spark of enthusiasm for the languishing movie series.

Although horror movies always find it tough to claim a truly mainstream audience, the evidence and reviews already point to The Conjuring series becoming one of the most successful horror franchises of the decade.

And with the somewhat alarming reports that it managed to scare a movie-goer to death in India, it shows that its not just horror slots games that can produce some heart-stopping results!

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